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Frequently Asked Questions

Resumaker is one of the sophisticated platforms for creating resumes. It has built-in tools and resources for creating exceptional resumes. Resumaker services are categorized broadly into 4 types as listed below. 1) Entry Level: It is for recent college or university graduates and professionals with two or fewer years of work experience. 2) Professional Level: It is for professionals who already have certain years of experience and occupy a position in their profession. 3) Executive Level: For C-level professionals and Directors or Senior Management. 4) Career Change Level: For those individuals who want to change their profession mid-way through their careers.
The backbone of Resumaker team from fortune 100 companies. Resumaker principles guide our team providing users with quality. Our primary motto is identifying the potential capabilities of users, project those into eye-catching content. We try to present one's profile on a single page or two so that the employer can go through a resume as complete as possible. This will help the user convey about him/her effectively. When it comes to our info graphic resumes we present multi-dimensional attributes into impressive graphical content. This will simplify readers' ability to catch buzz words with facts so the resume will stand out.
When Resumaker templates are designed, we have handpicked the most appealing designs in every reader's view. To create a single template our team reviews dozens of prototypes before making the final selection. However, every individual's choice is unique, so we recommend you to select 3 templates, then generate your resume in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Thus, you can compare and pick one. Remember, one's profile content may look rich in one template compare to another. But the final choice is yours.
Within 3 working days (Monday to Friday, except public holidays in India) you will receive draft content and scope of improvements for further inputs from you. If the resume is of type info graphic there are possibilities for multiple revisions. In nutshell, textual resumes are delivered in 3-5 working days whereas info graphic takes 5-7 days.
Yes, Of course, we do. You can engage with us, our team will review your resume when require they can prepare the best professional resume for you.
Resume writing is not everyone's job. Professional resume writers know the best ways of creating impressive resumes which can attract the attention of a potential employer also leads to call for an interview. The resumes crafted by expert writers will enhance the chances of your interview call. So, don't take a chance for your dream job.
We have a bundle of well-designed templates available for free. If you select a free template then it's absolutely free of cost.
Well, if you are a student, this is the best platform for you. We have dozens of Fresher Templates for students and fresher graduates. We highlight education, college projects, internships, and your skills on Fresher Resume.
Here is a short & handpicked answer for you. a) Name and contact information-placed at the top so nobody misses it. b) Profile/Personal summary - A single statement that expresses your ability, knowledge, and aspirations along with what you can bring to the hiring organization. c) Technical Skills section - Create a snapshot of your abilities. d) Work Experience - Show the impact you can make in the workplace with your association with organizations. e) Project Details - Show and highlight your contribution to the assignments and projects. f) Education & Qualifications - Showcase that you have the right knowledge. g) Hobbies and interests - If required. But it may help to knock luckily minded. Resumaker has all types of features required for a professional resume. You can choose any one of the template or multiple templates.
You can download a resume in PDF document by signing into your Resumaker account from the login page, when you are logged-in then you will be routed to the 'User Dashboard'. 1. Click on 'Your Orders' in the left navigation. 2. Choose 'Order', then click on 'View Order' when you see on the 'Download' button click on it. 3. Your Resume will download automatically to your computer.
Once you add personal details from 'User Dashboard', then you will see an option to edit your profile picture. So, you can click on edit, select your profile image from your PC/MAC then crop it as you desire and hit 'Update'. Your profile images will be instantly added/updated.
Please check that your resume is already created or not by going to the 'Your Orders' page in 'User Dashboard'. If your resume is not found then don't worry, we have your profile content saved every time you click on 'Save' or 'Save & Continue'. NOTE: Please don't forget to save any edits you make.
If you are having trouble signing into your account, you can always reset your password. To do, you can click the 'Login' in the top right corner, then select 'Forgot Password?' then you can enter your email address. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password, so follow those instructions. Note: If you can't seem to find the email in the Inbox, make sure to check the spam or junk folder before trying again.
All customized resumes written by our professional writers will give you the option for revision.
Your resume is created in PDF file which is non-editable. But, you can edit profile content then generate a new one instantly.
No, it's not publicly visible.
Professionally written resume creates the best impression which may lead to high chances of interview call.
All resumes create by Resumaker are available in PDF file format.
Our privacy policy is accessible public from the Privacy Policy link, please go through it carefully.
At this time, we don't have delete account provision to the user. You can contact our support team by writing an email to '', and they will help you with this.
You can write your query by an email to '' or call us at +91-9121 900 900