Technical or Managerial interview, which matters for your IT job ?

Are you an IT professional ? thinking of pay your attention on technical or managerial interview most, you will find a better answer here. First, you should understand the importance of an interview, it?s a great opportunity for an individual to showcase their technical, technology and interpersonal skills to get access to your dream job so you must be very serious as soon as you apply for the position. Every organization has their own style of selection process, in fact it may be very specific for certain positions like senior management. Every next selection round is completely dependent on your performance of previous rounds. So, which means to reach managerial round you should face technical interviewers and give your best. Somehow, if you fail in the technical round then it ends further discussion. Thus, both have their own significance and you will have to focus equally on both part of the process. The below sections will help you to discuss further how important technical and managerial interview rounds are.


First, you will have to be creative and expressive with your resume, resume is the door opener for discussions, it should be well crafted touching every aspect of ones professional and personal capability and the achievements. When a resume is not impressive, it diminishes chances of receiving call to showcase yourselves to the dream job so sound loud on your strong areas when presenting it in resume. Technical interview session plays an important role, because once your resume is short listed it?s acts like gate keeper to let you in and stop at early step so be careful and cautions to extend your discussions on further sessions. This round is all about judging your technical & technology skills plus your knowledge in software development process. Generally, employers want to hire IT candidates who has strong technical background like level of expertise in specific platforms, or programming language or knowledge in packed solutions. Thus, you must prepare yourself well for this round as the interviewer can ask you some deep IT questions that can possibly put you in trouble. It's necessary for you to clear your technical round with highlighting your strong skills, knowledge and positive attitude as there will be no second chance when you fail to clear this round. If you are a fresh graduate then focus may be on academic concepts, your personal interests in programming or labs, different projects attempted to implement, simple question on implementing logic in your primary programming language, sometimes it may to go syntax level etc., Thus, prepare yourself well for technical round.


In the managerial round, you will be facing manager of hiring team or selected individual in the organization. Also, there can be some HR staff who will be assisting the manager. This round is all about impressing the manager with your confidence, positive attitude, professionalism and presence of mind. Also, the manager can ask you several satiation-based questions, or there can be some tricky questions as well. But don't lose your attention, respond to every question confidently. Don't worry about anything went right of wrong in previous questions just be confident, because the hiring manager will be judging your confidence and presence of mind. He/she is interested in your body language & professionalism and the attitude. Be a good listener throughout the interview session as the manager will be providing you some useful information about the company & position so you can judge if it is your desired job role or not. You can also ask him relevant questions regarding the position and organization, it shows that you are interested to work with the organization. Be careful and perform well in this round, if you will not be able to perform well, don?t worry in most cases they will let you attend next level unless you exhibit low confidence or attitude problem. Overall, this round is all about judging your confidence, passion, attitude, critical thinking ability, and communication skills. Also, this round in some organization involves salary negotiation so stay ready for such discussion perhaps it happens mostly when they want to close interview process and likely to select you.


There is no priority-based comparison exists between these two rounds of the interview. Both are equally important and to get access next career level. Being an IT professional judging will be majorly on technical knowledge.